Remnants & Bolt End Fabrics

Our remnants & bolt ends are fabrics priced per the length stated in the title.

Remnants are more often than not the end of the fabric roll or bolt with no flaws.

in the event the fabric has a printing flaw or any other flaw, including test holes, dirt marks etc. we will state in the description. The price will be reduced to reflect the flaw or test hole.

Bolt ends may have creases from being on the bolt etc especially woven fabrics which is generally typical of all fabrics that come on bolts. 

We may add a flawed remnant & not disclose in the description in instances where we have not counted the flaw in the length for sale.

For example, if a fabric is 1.3m but has a flaw in the first 10cm we may state the fabric is 1.2m, we do not remove areas with flaws as there is often useable fabric across the width that can be used as bonus fabric. This length is not calculated into the price. This is added as bonus fabric


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