Colour / shade disclaimer

Northern monkey makes is not able to guarantee the shades shown on your screen are an accurate representation of the shade you will receive.

There are several variables that can affect the colours shown.
For example 
monitors and screens are not all collaborated equally.

Different lighting, ie daylight, light bulbs etc can all affect how colours look.

Different people may perceive colours differently.

Northern monkey makes has made every effort to show a true representation of the fabric colours and shades, however due to the variations that are out of our control we are not able to offer guarantees on shades.

If it is important that you receive an exact shade or a match to something you have, we recommend purchasing a sample pack of our shade sets. Our shade sets include the whole range of shades in that particular range. We also offer individual samples on our regular lines, stock permitting.


It is important to keep in mind that a shade name does not guarantee that the colour will perfectly match another product or fabric with the same shade name. Different manufacturers name shades differently, we can’t guarantee that the same shade names will mean that the fabrics are a match.

We do not advise buying a shade based on the shade name, different manufacturers may use the same shade name for completely different shades. We strongly advise samples to avoid disappointment.