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Sold in 0.5m increments.

Purchases of 2 or more will be cut in continuous lengths where possible

90% cotton 10% polyester



STRETCH:- 70% width 20% length aproximately


natural fibres can have some shrinkage please wash before cutting your pattern.

Do not wash with other fabrics on the first wash, there may be fluff and dye residue left over from the manufacturing process.

 This beautiful cotton teddy has a soft teddy texture to the face of the fabric with a backing that is like a fine net.

This fabric is perfect for lining snoods, jumpers and other garments.

due to the cotton face this fabric would also make a great lining for a swim towel or a backing for a bib etc. cotton is absorbent and breathable


The high cotton content makes this a great choice for lining blankets for those who want more natural fibres


Cotton fleece when wet will become very heavy.

like towels cotton when washed and dry lined this fabric is softer with tumble drying.

our advice is to put on a low heat when the fabric is almost dry.

we do not recommend drying on a high heat.

To keep your fabrics looking nicer for longer we do not recommend tumble drying from wet. 

we strongly recommend you wash this fabric on its own for the first wash, there will be some fibres that are loose on the cut ends and they may cling to other fabrics during the washing process. We do not take any responsibility for any items that become fuzzy due to being washed with this fabric. After the first wash this fabric will be fine to wash as part of a garment, ie if it’s lining a jersey for example.

Although this fabric is very soft to the touch, it can act like an abrasive towel when washed with other garments. We advise that you wash this fabric alone for its first wash.